About the project

PartecipAzioni is the experimental e-democracy project of the Emilia-Romagna Region to support the participation processes carried out by the Institution as part of its policies and in implementation of the L.R. 15/2018.

The Emilia-Romagna Region has been experimenting with e-democracy platforms since 2013 with the Partecipa.net project. Over the years, platforms have evolved, as have the needs of both public administrations and users. After the experience of ioPartecipo+, and the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a need for tools that allow greater online involvement.

To outline the development prospects, the Region has created a co-design process with its stakeholders.

The regional path then crossed the 4th line of Action on OpenGovernment dedicated to Participation, managed by the Dipartimento della funzione Pubblica (Department of the Public Function), and a one-year experimentation project was inaugurated, during which the department, through Formez, will provide resources and support in the first preparation of the platform for regional consultations.

In collaboration, therefore, with the Dipartimento della funzione Pubblica (Department of the Public Function), PartecipAzioni was created, based on the ParteciPA open source project. ParteciPA, in turn, is based on Decidim, the open source platform for democratic participation used by numerous administrations around the world.

What you can do

Processes are spaces where those who draw up or are responsible for the process for the Region activate communication tools and engagement of citizens or stakeholders (which, depending on the project, may also include other Institutions, associations or companies).

The processes can refer to different phases of the policy life cycle and foresee different levels of participation.

To take part in the processes, simply access the site by clicking on the top right and registering with SPID.

By accessing and participating, you agree to abide by the Rules of Participation.

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